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Founded in 2016 by Wyatt Mayham and Doug Mill, TwitchMetrics began as a quest to revolutionize the gaming industry’s marketing tools. From their base in Portland, OR, they transformed frustration with existing solutions into a powerful, comprehensive platform that offers data-driven insights to businesses across the globe.

Today, Twitchmetrics serves as a trusted tool for over 4,000 professionals and a variety of leading brands, publishers, studios, and agencies. Despite our growth, our original passion for data, discovery, and the Twitch community remains at the heart of everything we do, driving us to provide impactful solutions and continually refine our offerings.

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Our Founders

Our founders, Wyatt Mayham and Doug Mill, are passionate gaming industry veterans who have dedicated themselves to creating comprehensive, user-friendly marketing tools. Their combined expertise and vision have been instrumental in turning TwitchMetrics into a trusted, innovative solution that has transformed the way the gaming industry approaches marketing.

founder of twitchmetrics
Wyatt Mayham

Founder & CEO

Doug Mill

Founder & CTO