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TwitchMetrics Pro was built from the ground up to get actionable insights into the Twitch ecosystem. Measure viewership KPIs, analyze influencer performance, or simply keep a pulse on streaming trends. You can do it all with TwitchMetrics Pro.

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Monitor & AnalyzeReal-Time Stream Data

Discover high-value streamers that resonate with your target audience, saving hours of manual work and eliminating the need for scouring through Twitch to find that perfect fit.


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Easy Reporting & Performance Tracking

Easily report on viewership, interactions, and watched hours at the click of a button. Say goodbye to scraping together reports and spreadsheets everytime you execute an influencer campaign on Twitch.

“Simply the best with a hyper focus. I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to take Twitch influencer marketing seriously.”

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Kiran Fisher

Director of Marketing, Orbital

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Actionable Insights for Brand Partnerships and Talent Management

Create a genuine partnership between your brand and streamers. There is no agency or marketplace in the middle, treating streamers like an ad buy. It’s just you and your streamers, mano a mano.

“Without TwitchMetrics Pro we would be working off 50 spreadsheets. It's been critical to how we approach Twitch.”

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Trevor Lane

Director of Technology, CreativeGIG

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“The hyper focus on one channel makes this so special. I’d recommend TwitchMetrics Pro to anyone wanting to take Twitch influencer marketing seriously.”

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Kiran Fisher

Orbital Marketing

“We sponsored over 70,000 streams last year which got over 111,000,000 views... 111,000,000! We couldn’t have measured that without TwitchMetrics Pro.”

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Adam Walters

MuOn Marketing

“I cannot believe the engagement our client got from this effort. The most underrated part of working with streamers is their chat. Its like a drip feed of ads you can’t get anywhere else.”

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Alanna Miller

Modern Times Press


We’ve Been Serving the Twitch Community Since 2017

TwitchMetrics launched in 2017 providing free analytics for all Twitch channels.

With all the learnings we’ve had over the years, we are now looking to help streamers connect with brands who align with their audience.

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